CDs available for audio-gear buyers

- Lee Morgan - Candy [AudioWave/Blue Note XRCD]

- Alice Cooper - Killer [Audio Fidelity] [Gold CD]
- Alice Cooper - Love It To Death [Audio Fidelity] [Gold CD]
- Alice Cooper - School's Out [Audio Fidelity] [Gold CD]
- Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell [2009 2-disc Deluxe Edition]
? Deep Purple - Fireball [Audio Fidelity] [Gold CD]
- Deep Purple - In Rock [Audio Fidelity] [Gold CD]
- Deep Purple - Machine Head [25th Anniversary Edition]
- Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are [Audio Fidelity] [Gold CD]
* Fleetwood Mac - Bare Trees (original CD, not remastered)
- Little Feat - Dixie Chicken [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
- Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
- The Cars - Candy-O [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
- The Cars - Heartbeat City [Audio Fidelity] [Gold CD]
- The Cars - Shake It Up [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
- Yes - The Yes Album [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]

? - availability unverified
* - available as a +1 option with any other CD